SFAB 2020 Chinook Proposal

May 14 – An SFI Chinook Proposal Brief 

A brief regarding the SFAB proposals and in support of a balanced decision for 2020 Chinook Fishery Management

SFI Chinook Brief – May 2020

April 9th – SFAB Response Proposal regarding 2020 fisheries plans addressing Fraser River Chinook stocks of concern.

On March 2nd, DFO provided a 2020 Chinook Management Approach Letter detailing an approach to developing a 2020 fishery management plan for Fraser River stocks of concern. On April 9th, the SFAB, the body responsible for proposing fishery management plans on behalf of the public fishery, submitted this proposal and response to that letter. In addition, here is a supporting document recently developed to provide perspectives on mass marking (MM) and mark selective fishing (MSF)

There is no doubt that the future of the South Coast public Chinook fishery in BC will be dependent on the DFO response to the proposals put forward today by the SFAB. Recovery of Chinook stocks of concern is not a short-term proposition. Without broader application of Mark Selective Fisheries (MSF) and the acceptance of additional data supported fisheries, the future for the public fishery is in peril. The public fishery needs stability and certainty. Without either one, anglers and businesses will continue to suffer.

The public fishery needs your help to send a loud and clear message to DFO and the Minister. Please read over the proposals and send in a letter or email to Minister Jordan and the DFO Pacific Salmon Team (e-mail addresses linked here and listed below) to express your support. It is important that letters are written in your own words, even a paragraph is good.  Outline your experience with non-retention, the importance of opportunity and access to sustainable fisheries, and provide your support for the proposals put forward by the SFAB. Note: the SFI is CC’d in the above e-mail links.  We will collect all responses.

Make no mistake, the threats to Fraser River Chinook are real, and the implementation of broader recovery plans that include hatchery augmentation, habitat preservation and rehabilitation, and predator control are required.  The proposals put forward by the SFAB achieve the critically important balance between protecting stocks of concern and sustaining a public fishery. The SFI will play a key role in developing comprehensive recovery plans for these stocks.  In the meantime, responsible, sustainable fisheries are required in order to maintain a public Chinook fishery.

As the Prime Minister stated in his mandate letter to Minister Bernadette Jordan: “As Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, you will lead the Government’s work to protect and promote our three oceans and our waterways, sustain and rebuild the fisheries, and ensure that they remain healthy for future generations, while providing important economic opportunities to Canadians and coastal communities.”

As participants in the most socially and economically significant fishery in BC, let’s work together to remind DFO that fisheries are important to British Columbians.

SFI letter of support to Minister Jordan

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April 9th: FINAL SFAB 2020- 2021 Fraser River Stream-type Stocks of Concern IFMP Proposal

2020 SFAB Perspective on Mark Selective Fisheries and Mass Marking

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