Bob Wright Legacy Award

We would like to hear about people or organizations that have helped conserve, protect and/or develop British Columbia’s recreational fishing industry and community in an exceptional way.

The Sport Fishing Institute of BC has developed the Bob Wright Legacy Award to honour individuals and organizations for their contribution to the conservation, restoration and enhancement of BC’s recreational fishing industry and fishery. These individuals and organizations have played, and continue to play, a crucial role in sustaining and developing the recreational fishing experience in BC.

The awards began in 2013 but we would argue it was well overdue. The Bob Wright Legacy Award is named after Bob Wright, an individual who had a significant and long lasting impact on the sport fishing industry and sport fishing opportunities in this province. Details about Bob Wright are found on the BWLA Recipients page of this website. While Bob Wright passed away in 2013 his legacy will unquestionably impact sport fishing in BC as long as it continues. There are others who have been and continue to contribute that deserve recognition and thanks for their efforts and positive involvement in the recreational fishery in British Columbia.

An SFI Selection Committee will review all nominations that are submitted against established assessment criteria. There will be one award presented each year during the SFI Big Splash. The recipient will be honoured at the annual Big Splash Gala.

Every year a recipient will be recognized and will be an invited guest or honoured.  A presentation describing the efforts and accomplishments of the recipient and of a plaque will mark the occasion. A plaque will be presented as a keepsake and the recipient will also be recognized on an archival web page.



One nomination is all it takes!  A simple nomination form is available here or please feel free to provide a be in contact with the SFI details of your nomination. The SFI Bob Wright Legacy Award nomination process is ongoing, the Sport Fishing Institute of BC invites the public to submit nominations at any time during the year. Any individual, group, business or association that you believe has made an outstanding contribution in areas such as recreational fishing community leadership, promoting sustainable recreational fishing or protecting or enhancing recreational fishing opportunities. All nominees must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. Nominations can be submitted by an organization, an association, or by three individuals.

  • A brief history of the nominee.
  • A description of the project(s) or achievement(s). This can include the following:
  • The project or activity's contribution to improvement and/or public awareness of BC recreational fisheries or their habitat;
  • The positive benefits on recreational fisheries or their habitat and/or on public awareness;
  • Evidence that the work of the proponent  has led to improved recreational fishing, increased fishing opportunities and/or heightened public interest in recreational fisheries;
  • Details on how the project or activity might influence or has influenced the initiation and/or completion of similar projects in other locations.
  • Letters of support from the nominators.

Deadline for nominations

The SFI will accept nominations throughout the year but will determine award recipients in early October, approximately one month before the annual SFI conference and fundraiser when the award will be presented.


Please describe why you think the nominee is deserving of a Bob Wright Legacy Award. As well, the project/contribution must have been undertaken in British Columbia and benefit British Columbia recreational fisheries. The following are some questions to consider in your description:

  • What did the nominee do?
  • How did the project/contribution benefit BC recreational fisheries?
  • Are there any lasting or future benefits to this project/contribution?
  • Has the project/individual influenced other projects/individuals? You may wish to include supporting documentation (reports, articles, photographs, correspondence, etc.)

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