Vision and Mission


That British Columbia sport fishing be known as a world leader in quality of experience and opportunity, providing the broadest range of social, economic, and environmental benefits.


The Sport Fishing Institute of BC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, enhancing and protecting sustainable sport fishing opportunities in BC.

There are few outdoor activities that involve as many British Columbians as do recreational fisheries and few that have the potential to connect people with the marine and aquatic environment in such a direct and meaningful way as does fishing. Spending a day on the water with children, family and friends can be the beginning of memories that last a lifetime. It can be the foundation for strengthening the connection between humans and the environment. As the environment and society change it is important to take steps to protect this heritage and to ensure that respect for our environment and recreational fisheries continues to be an important focus for ordinary British Columbians, visitors and the federal and provincial governments. The creation of a common vision between governments and the recreational fishing community is a necessary foundation for protecting and maintaining both recreational fisheries and the complex marine aquatic environments on which they depend.

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