The Sport Fishing Institute of BC (SFI) and go2HR – the resource for people in tourism developed and launched an Industry Training Authority (now SkilledTradesBC – STBC) approved Tidal Angling Guide (TAG) certification program in 2010. First of its kind in North America, the program encompasses Transport Canada requirements including the Small Vessel Operator Proficiency certification (SVOP). The SVOP and other certificates are federal requirements for non-pleasure, passenger carrying vessels operating on the BC coast. Acknowledgement by the STBC and the Province now recognize TAG as a professional trade.

Development of the program began in 2008 and was fully approved by the Province, go2HR and the SFI and launched in 2010. Experienced and new guides participated in the design of training and assessment tools that established best standards and practices for BC’s tidal angling guides.

SFI CTAG operate to the highest standards in North America and are well-trained, professional, experienced, knowledgeable and safe.

The distinctive red CTAG logo may only be displayed and promoted by Certified Guides who maintain current trade requirements and have agreed to operate according to a set of Principles developed by and for practicing guides on the BC coast.



  • Competencies needed for regulatory certifications; Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP), Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Basic Safety (SNPV-BS) or Marine Emergency Duties (MED A3), Marine Basic First Aid (MBFA) and the Radio Operators Card – Marine (ROC-MC)
  • Knowledge of local species and the environment
  • Knowledge of Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s catch monitoring and sampling programs
  • Knowledge of angling equipment and techniques
  • Personal and professional standards including communications skills, client relations and understanding the benefits of tourism
  • Knowledge of stewardship issues and practices
  • Acknowledgement of legal considerations such as liability and employment standards


Establishing Best Standards and Practices for the sport fishing industry and guiding community;

  • To create a set of standards and a course that allow BC’s charter boat operators and tidal angling guides to be world leaders in the occupation; and
  • To provide an organization that will maintain and promote the existence of a body of professional guides and charter operators committed to these standards; and
  • To contribute, in partnership with relevant agencies, effective management of sport fishing related resources to ensure that BC’s fisheries are sustainable and the best managed in the world; and
  • The establishment of a group of professional guides and standards to fit with goals and objectives of the new Vision for Recreational Fisheries
  • To recognize the value and importance of the relationship between tourism and sport fishing in British Columbia


A working group composed of 22 volunteer stakeholders from various backgrounds and locations along the coast began meeting in January 2008 with input and advice from;

  • SFI and the guiding community at large
  • SkilledTradesBC
  • go2HR – the resource for people in tourism
  • The Province of BC
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Transport Canada
  • First Nations
  • Pacific Salmon Foundation

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