Tuna fishing off the BC Coast

The BC tidal water public fishery opportunities continue to evolve and are affected by many factors including the influence of warmer ocean temperatures.  While tuna have been caught off our coast for many years, the proximity and regularity of their presence seems to have increased in recent times.  This change in location and frequency has resulted in new and increased interest from the public fishery.

What was once a very rare encounter has become a dedicated fishery for some in the public fishery. For those that are properly equipped and are interested to venture anywhere from 15 to, as many as, 110 miles offshore tuna can reliably be found at certain times of the year.

With the increase in attention given to tuna fishing by the public fishery it is important that recreational tuna catch is understood and that offshore and catch care safety guidelines are followed.  The Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) has developed two documents that address offshore operations and tuna catch care guidelines.

As possible, anglers should record and report tuna catch.

SFAB Offshore Safety Guidelines for Recreational Tuna Fishers – DRAFT

SFAB – Tuna Handling Guidelines

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